Our policy: in order to ensure the correct class scheduling we require an 8 hour notice for free cancellation. After this time the class will be charged in full.

At Focus Pilates we work with our clients to help them achieve a body that is strong, healthy, energetic, creating a feeling of overall wellbeing.

Focusing on each individual needs we empower our clients to build up their core strength, listen to and understand their body working at their own pace. We do this through precise classical Pilates and ballet moves that are gentle yet effective and have long lasting results.


Like most people I’ve a pretty busy life but I rarely miss my Pilates class. The reason? Yes I love the impact it has on my flexibility and muscle tone, but even better is how relaxed and happy you are after each class. Bliss. Having tried lots of studios the one thing that is often missing is an emphasis on doing moves correctly. At Focus Pilates Arianna and her wonderful team wants you to get each move spot on, because there’s a science behind it. Do it right, get the benefit. Do it wrong, get the damage. If I could, I’d go to a class every day.


What do I like about Focus Pilates? Well, the friendliness of the staff makes it for me. I look forward to class because they’re fun and the fun element attracts really nice people to attend the classes. There’s never any pressure, everything is always at your own pace…with some gentle (and needed) encouragement of course!



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