With over a decade's experience in teaching both classical Pilates and ballet, her experience in teaching and understanding the needs of her clients is unrivalled. With a background as a professional classical ballet dancer, dancing for some of Europe's most prestigious companies, Arianna understands that focus and discipline are essential elements to get the most out of any functional movement.
Continuously mastering her craft, Arianna's on-pointe and detailed instruction will assure that you not only strengthen your entire body but increase overall flexibility. While deepen your own physical awareness and thus, enhance your personal athletic ability.
Being a mother to the energetic Alexander, she thoroughly enjoys working with pre and post natal clients. Always maintaining safety as a first priority, she assists mothers and mothers-to-be with their individual pregnancy journeys.
She is also works closely with those who may be recovering from injury, surgery, or living with chronic pain.


For those who have been to her classes you’ll know Shirley as the Brazilian who tells you to ‘smile’…always, beaming through her pearly white teeth. She’s been teaching Pilates for nine years and she’s totally in love with the discipline. Pilates makes her feel ‘complete’. Equally she likes teaching Pilates because it ‘teaches people more about themselves, understanding their body, how to use it and how to look after it.
Shirley classes are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. Her diversity of experience and ability to teach on all Pilates equipment has given her an exceptional understanding of human movement and how the body functions optimally. Shirley aims to bring the best out of each one of her clients in each class.
In her one to one private classes she works with clients on both mat and reformer. She has expertise working with individuals with clinic pathologies as well as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, herniated disc, stenosis, chondromalacia, labyrinthitis, high pressure, stroke, kyphosis, scoliosis with congenital rotation, lordosis and bursitis (shoulder and hips).
And like the majority of our teachers at our Ranelagh studio Shirley is a dancer and takes dance classes when she’s not teaching plank! Though she can also be seeing running, doing Kung Fu or enjoying the theater.


Being interested in human movement since her early childhood, Veronika's love for fitness began with gymnastics when she was seven years old living in Germany. A knee injury led her towards Yoga and Pilates and has since been practising both disciplines for over 12 years.
Having worked in financial services prior to committing to full time Pilates instruction, Veronika has a thorough understanding of how the office environment can contribute to health problems and negatively affect a client’s lifestyle. She understands that working through Pilates they can correct postural issues and assist in making daily life easier.
Veronika particularly enjoys working one to one with clients. She feels this is the best way to encourage change and work with each individual’s functional movement patterns.
Her clients often tell her about their new body awareness, and that they feel stronger and more centred. Receiving feedback like this encourages Veronika to deepen her own understanding of Pilates and to become an expert in the field. Veronika is committed to making a difference in her clients’ lives and overall well-being.


From childhood, Gigi has had a flare for dance and fitness which has lead her to a strong passion for health, fitness and nutrition particularly through the mind/body connection. She has had the pleasure of meeting and working with a wide range of clients to help them achieve their personal goals through exercise. Assisting clients in movement from a rehabilitation or fitness point of view, depending on the individual's needs and goals.
Gigi, is an exceptionally skilled and experienced Pilates and Barre instructor. The culmination of her desire to continually improve at her own practice ultimately formed the basis for a deeper mind/body connection and gave her an unparalleled understanding of the body which really shows in her teaching of Pilates.
Being fully certified with a Comprehensive Pilates Qualification from the prestigious Polestar. She has completed many hours of intensive study and practice on all Pilates apparatus and equipment, allowing her to really understand the intricacies of multi-dimensional human movement.


Suzanne is an experienced Pilates instructor with a passion for continued learning and education. With a strong belief in the benefits of Pilates, she left a corporate management career to focus on one in Pilates.
Working with clients rehabilitating from injury and Neuromuscular rehab, she is currently studying to complete the full STOTT certification of Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel, Injuries and Special Populations.