At Focus Pilates we welcome everyone, regardless of their level.
We have classes for absolute beginners, improvers and intermediate/advanced dancers

Dance, especially ballet, guarantees a good muscle tone and creates a harmonious body by increasing flexibility of the muscles and joint mobility creating a leaner appearance of the body.

Ballet being a cardiovascular activity improves lung capacity therefore it refreshes and oxygenates the blood, it increases heart rate and the metabolism...all this while having fun at the same time!!

In particular it helps to obtain the correct posture with the continuous work around the shoulders and the back muscles allowing the spine to lengthen and straighten avoiding any possible risk of spine misalignment.

It works muscles that are normally not really challenged in other sports. Ballet works symmetrically around the whole upper and lower body giving elasticity and flexibility.

Not only is the body involved but the mind also. Discipline and concentration are required in learning and perfecting steps. Thus improving memory, coordination and increased body awareness. Ballet fully connects one's whole being getting lost in the music, rhythm and body expression.